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by Ecological Land Coop,

The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) is an established, community benefit society and membership organisation open to all based in Brighton.

The ELC develops affordable, low impact, small farms for new entrant farmers to ecological agriculture.
We want to see a living, working countryside where land is accessible to everyone and affordable for those who want a low impact land-based livelihood, using natural inputs to grow good, healthy local food and produce that benefits people, communities and the natural environment long into the future.

The ELC model for creating affordable, ecological small farms has been proven with permanent planning permission for agriculturally tied dwellings granted for our first cluster of small farms in Devon.

Most recently new farms have been set up on our second site in Arlington, East Sussex and we have three more farm clusters in development making a total of 15 small farms.

Our research has shown that small scale ecological farming can work in today’s economy. Sustainably managed small farms provide low-impact livelihoods, regenerate land and produce good food for local communities, increasing resilience and improving the soil, ecology and biodiversity for future generations.

We are currently looking for our next sites to take on and we are very interested in contributing to the CDEP

Stella Peyerl

Site Developement Manager

on behalf of

To create a living, working countryside accessible to all...

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